Generative Audiovisual

ENFOLD is a series of digital paintings inspired by the concept of “The Invisible Shape of Things Past - 1995”, drawn by a real-time process of freezing pixels of a digital video file and colorized by conversion of brainwaves data of the artist while observing the creation process of the work.
A billion elements of visual data, details, and colors at a high framerate and resolution are processed through the eyes and it forms our perception of reality and physical life. These processes happen in different layers by our 120-degree peripheral vision and this processed light would be engraved on the mind as memories.


This project tries to interfere time-based cycle and freeze this process, juxtapose passed frames and current frames of visual content coming through the lens of the camera to create a new solid visualization of that passed reality captured in motion pictures. The 5 channels of data from the EEG brain scanner are converted into readable numbers for the program to take control of RGBA parameters and add color to the paintings.

The original videos are captured by the artist in different places mentioning their GPS location as the name of the piece and the brainwaves coloring system tries to simulate natural reactions of the artist remembering the memories of the time that video was shooting.
The video art series of the project are the observational phase of the freezing process.

Available for preview and collect on SeditionArt

2021 | From Inner to Outer Space. | Sciart Initiative, Boston, NY, USA.
2020 | Creative Code Festival | Lightbox, New York, USA.
2020 | Ontario Science Center's RBC innovator's Ball eAuction | Toronto, ON, Canada.

ENFOLD in Ontario Science Center Auction on SeditionArt